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5 Home Decor Items to Spruce up any Space

Posted on July 12 2018

  1. A Wall Clock

Wall clocks are truly a “timeless” (pun intended) piece of wall décor! This clock would work great in a living room, kitchen or dining room. A real compliment to any style that is not only beautiful but also serves a purpose! This clock could stand alone or work well as a part of a feature wall!


  1. Throw Pillows

Perfect inside or out these pillows can be paired with any color or pattern! We love how versatile these pillows are and are amazed how they can truly change the look of a room.


  1. Baskets

Need extra storage? These baskets are perfect and look great too! Try incorporating them in your living room décor to hold your blankets or to hold towels in your guest bathroom. You can also put a plant in them to transform the look of any room.


  1. A Wall Mirror

Did you know mirrors create the illusion of space and can make a room look larger? When we think of a focal point in a room, we often think of a mantelpiece or a colorful, wild painting. However, mirrors can also make a wonderful statement in a given space. We love to use large mirrors or mirrors with decorative frames to attract the eye.


  1. Plants

No green thumb? No problem! These plants do not require any water, food or sunlight. We think faux plants are a perfect addition to any coffee table arrangement or dining table centerpiece. Utilizing the variations in heights of the plants will also add dimension to any space.


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